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If you want to change any of the core, non-core, or other fields in your GST registration. Allow Legal Unison to assist you in completing all necessary paperwork for this modification.

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Amendments or changes to particulars entered in a GST registration or GST certificate will be dealt with or referred to as a GST amendment. This will change if you want to switch from a consolidated schedule to a regular schedule or if there is a mistake on your initial GST registration. However, conversion from a regular table to a compound table is not possible. GST corrections are required if you have provided incorrect information about your taxpayer when registering for GST. However, PAN cannot be changed on GST registration, so GST registration is completed by submitting a new application and submitting an existing GSTIN with incorrect PAN details.
If you need to change the information submitted to the IRS registrar during or at any time after your GST registration, you must submit an IRS change request in the required form during that time. This change requires legal entities to file a GST REG 14 form.


What information can be changed or updated?
  • Name of entity/business/trade name
  • Address of the place of business/ registered office address 
  • Bank details
  • Additional place of business 
  • Addition, deletion or retirement of partners, directors, managing committee, CEO or any person responsible for the business's day-to-day affairs. 
  • Contact details such as mobile number or email address 
  • Authorised signatory 
  • Switching between composite scheme to normal/regular scheme

Documents required for GST Amendments


  • GST Certificate 
  • Documentary proof of changes, such as new address proof 


Non-core fields:


  • Change in the legal name of the business 
  • Change in address of the principal place of business 
  • Change in additional place of business



  • Change in the legal name of the business 
  • Change in address of the principal place of business 
  • Change in additional place of business

Other changes


  • Switching between composite scheme to normal/regular scheme
  • Chat, Call & Email Support
  • Assign Dedicated GST Expert


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  3. GST Expert Will Receive All Required Documents

  4. All of your information was successfully submitted.

  5. Congratulations! Your GST application has been modified.

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