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The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) requires food businesses operating in India to file an annual return. The FSSAI Annual Return Filing is a process of submitting a report by the food business operators that summarizes the details of their food business for the previous year.
The annual return filing is mandatory for all FBOs that hold a valid FSSAI license. The annual return contains information such as the total quantity of food handled, types of food products manufactured, sold or imported, details of raw material suppliers, storage facilities, and any changes in the food safety management system implemented by the FBOs.
The FSSAI Annual Return Filing can be done online on the FSSAI website using the FSSAI login credentials. The deadline for filing the annual return is typically the 31st of May of the following financial year. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the deadline has been extended to 30th September 2021 for the financial year 2020-21.
Filing the FSSAI Annual Return is important for food businesses as it helps in ensuring compliance with food safety regulations and aids in improving the food safety management system. Non-compliance with the annual return filing can lead to penalties and even suspension or cancellation of the FSSAI license.
In summary, FSSAI Annual Return Filing is a critical process for all FBOs operating in India, and it is necessary to file the annual return on time to avoid penalties and ensure compliance with food safety regulation


Information Required in FSSAI Annual Returns
The below-mentioned details are required to be stated in the FSSAI annual return,i.e. Form D1:
  • FBO name and address.
  • FSSAI licence number.
  • Statement showing quantities of food products handled, manufactured, exported and imported in tonnes. The statement contains the following particulars:
  • Name of the food product manufactured, handled, exported or imported.
  • Size of can, bottle, bulk package or any other package.
  • Quantity in metric tonnes.
  • Value.
  • In the case of import or export, the following additional information is required to be stated in the statement:
  • Name of the port or country of export.
  • The quantity imported or exported in kg.
  • Rate per kg or per unit of packing CIF/FOB.
The below-mentioned details are required to be stated in the FSSAI half-yearly return,i.e. Form D2:
  • FBO name and address.
  • FSSAI licence number.
  • Details of procurement like the type of milk, total quality MT, total fat MT,  Total SNF content MT, Price Rs/Kg of milk, fate and SNF.
  • Details of purchase of milk products such as the name of milk product, source of purchase,  total quantity purchase, average fat and SNF%, quantity used and closing balance.
  • Reconstitution details.
  • Details of milk products sold, manufactured and stock position.
  • Conversion of milk into milk products details outsourced to other dairies.
  • Details of milk marketing.
  • Statement showing quantities of milk products exported and manufactured in tonnes with their sale value during the period.

Important Points For FSSAI Annual Return Filing


FSSAI Form D1 (Annual Return)

Form D1 must be submitted by all food importers, manufacturers, packers, labelers, re-labellers, and re-packers to the FSSAI licencing authority. The food safety commissioner's form D1 can be submitted physically or online. Regardless of the type of production they are involved in or the kinds of food products they sold in the prior fiscal year, all FBOs are required to file Form D1 on a regular basis.


FSSAI Form D2 (Half-Yearly Return)

A half-yearly return is Form D2. Form D2 must be submitted by FBOs engaged in the manufacturing or importing of milk or milk-related products.
Note: All FBOs should file a separate return for every license issued under FSSAI regulations, irrespective of whether the same FBO carries more than one food license unit/business. Therefore, an FBO with more than one licence should file separate returns for each FSSAI license. It is immaterial that the same FBO holds these FSSAI licenses.

Penalty for Late filing of FSSAI Annual Return


According to Section 2.1.13 (3) of FSSAI (Licensing and Registration) Regulations, 2011, if the food business administrators don't record the return within the prescribed period, at that point, a fine of Rs 100 will be imposed on them consistently and will continue expanding if the default proceeds.


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Govt. Fee Excluded


  • 1-Time Return Filing
  • Return Filing & Guidance
  • Dedicated FSSAI Expert


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  • Q1.What is FSSAI Annual Return?

    FSSAI Annual Return is a mandatory filing required for all Food Business Operators (FBOs) in India who have a Food License issued by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). It is an online submission that includes the details of the food business activities conducted by the FBO during the previous financial year.

  • Q1.Who needs to file FSSAI Annual Return?

    All Food Business Operators (FBOs) in India who have an FSSAI Food License are required to file FSSAI Annual Return. This includes manufacturers, distributors, retailers, transporters, storage operators, and food importers.

  • Q1.When is the deadline for filing FSSAI Annual Return?

    The deadline for filing FSSAI Annual Return is May 31st of every year. For the financial year 2022-23, the deadline for filing FSSAI Annual Return is May 31, 2023.

  • Q1.What are the consequences of not filing FSSAI Annual Return on time?

    Failure to file FSSAI Annual Return on time can result in penalties, fines, and even cancellation of the FSSAI Food License. It is important to file the return on time to avoid any legal consequences.

  • Q1. What information is required to file FSSAI Annual Return?

    The following information is required to file FSSAI Annual Return:

    • Basic information about the FBO, such as name, address, and contact details
    • Details of the FSSAI Food License
    • Details of the food products manufactured or sold during the previous financial year
    • Details of the food processing and packaging units
    • Details of the raw materials used in the food products
    • Details of the storage facilities used for the food products
    • Details of the food safety management system implemented by the FBO
    • Details of the testing and analysis of the food products
    • Any other relevant information required by the FSSAI.

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